Compatible with all seats of group 2/3 that use ISOFIX and with all cars with ISOFIX.
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Without RiveMove

In 92 % of vehicles, due to their wheelbase and wheel arch width, installing a child seat with isofix encroaches on the rear central seat, causing a notable loss of space.

Accessory independent of the car and the child seat with very easy and fast installation. Impact tested and certified by CSI S.p.A. (Italy) according to ECE R129 (i -Size).
With RiveMove

RiveMove allows you to move the isofix anchors to take advantage of the space that was left between the seats and the door, freeing that space from the central rear seat.

This space recovered in the central rear seat allows the installation of a third seat (with belt), or that said seat can be occupied by an adult in a comfortable and safe way.

Compatible with all seats of group 2/3 that use ISOFIX and with all cars with ISOFIX.


The RiveMove device is compatible with child safety seats from group 2/3 that use ISOFIX or similar anchor points. It allows the child safety seat to be moved across an average lateral distance of 7 cm towards the door, thereby improving safety and increasing comfort.


This device reduces the Head Performance Criterion (HPC15) by up to 20 % in the event of a crash.

RiveMove makes it safer for children and adults to travel in the middle rear seat. Moving the child safety seat creates space in the centre seat, meaning that the adult’s back is fully supported.

The extra space is created when the child safety seats with ISOFIX or similar anchor points vacate the area of the middle seat, with an average of 7 cm being created between the door panel and the seat. When the RiveMove device is used to move the child safety seat, 7 cm of space will be created per child safety seat, i.e. up to 14 cm is freed up for the passenger of the middle rear seat.

Choose RiveMove and free up to 7 cm of space for every child safety seat that is fitted. You can travel in greater safety and comfort and you even have the option of fitting a third child safety seat. Remember, above all else, our product is distinguished by the fact that it improves YOUR SAFETY.

The technology on which RiveMove is based has been tested at an international and independent technology centre, CSI S.p.A. The tests conducted by this laboratory confirm that RiveMove absorbs part of the impact energy, thereby reducing the risk of injury to which your child is exposed.


Safer for the kids and for you

RiveMove frees up space in the middle rear seat when child safety seats are moved, so much so that safety is also improved, as in the event of an accident, the Head Performance Criterion (HPC 15) is reduced by up to 20 %.

Safety is improved by two aspects:

  • Elimination of the rotating effect: In the event of a side impact, the child safety seats are turned around and the impact may cause a serious injury if the child’s head comes into contact with the door panel, even if the seat has support and ear flaps. RiveMove eliminates this rotating effect.
  • Energy absorption: The technology on which RiveMove is based controls the energy received in the event of a crash. As a result, the force to which the child or baby is exposed and, consequently, the impact of any injury is reduced.

By freeing up space in the middle seat, the back of the adult is fully supported and the chance of whiplash is reduced in the event of a crash or an emergency stop.

We optimise space for your comfort

RiveMove optimises space to ensure that your car has 5 useful seats. On average, there is currently 7 cm of space not being used between the door panel and child safety seats with ISOFIX anchor points.

If you have two child safety seats in your vehicle, we can free up an average of 14 cm space for the middle rear seat. This space gives you your 5th seat back, and means that an adult can travel in that seat or you can even fit a third child safety seat.

RiveMove includes unique technology that is compatible with all child safety seats from group 2/3 with ISOFIX anchor points. This technology is also compatible with 91 % of all cars in Europe. (Check to see if your car model is compatible by clicking here).


We prolong the natural use of your child safety seats

Due to a lack of space or the birth of a third child, many families now choose to remove the child safety seat of their eldest child ahead of time. RiveMove prolongs the natural use of the child safety seat with ISOFIX as we will make it possible for the child to use it until he or she reaches a height of 150 centimetres (the recommended height) without adversely affecting the space or comfort of the vehicle.

3 car seats in a Kia Niro maintaining isofix safety with RiveMove

3 car seats in a Ford Kuga maintaining isofix safety with RiveMove

3 car seats in a Kia Sportage maintaining isofix safety with RiveMove

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