RiveKids Technology – R+D+i for your Safety

RiveKids Technology is a technological engineering approach which focuses on Child Road Safety. Our children need special care which is why RiveKids Technology seeks to develop and provide innovative road safety and car journey products.

Our commitment to society can be summed up by the objective of 0 victims in road traffic accidents. On this basis, we work tirelessly to inform families about road safety and, in particular, child road safety.

Everything we do is governed by three principles: the safety of children, commitment to society and innovation.

Our aim is to make the world a better place. Will you help us?

RiveMove – Extra Safety and Comfort

The RiveMove device is compatible with child safety seats that involve
the use of ISOFIX anchor points; it improves both the safety and
comfort of rear passengers.

RiveMove allows the seat to be moved across an average lateral distance
of 7 cm towards the door. As a result, children travel more safely and the
value of the Head Performance Criterion (HPC15) is reduced by up
to 20 % in the event of a crash.

Besides improving safety, it also optimises space, meaning that all rear
passengers can travel in comfort and safety. It also allows a third child safety
seat to be fitted.

Compatible with all seats of group 2/3 that use ISOFIX and with all cars with ISOFIX.



We increase the safety of children and adults on any type of journey.



We give you an average of 7 centimeters for each seat with ISOFIX that you have in your vehicle.



Our goal is to improve the lives of millions of children in the world.